Customer Reviews in Seattle, WA


Katie C. in Austin, TX

5.0 star rating

This place was so easy and convenient. The ladies working there were extremely kind and friendly! There was very little wait and I was in and out of there with my license plates in 15 minutes (or less)!

Jane H. in Seattle, WA

5.0 star rating

I wish everything in my life were as efficient as University License Agency. I was in and out in about 20 minutes, even with ~5 people in line in front of me. The clerk who helped me was super fast, and explained things clearly. She also seemed to have a REMARKABLE amount of patience - usually in a busy environment like that, I'm used to employees being brusque but she was friendly while getting business done.

I left being like, wait, what just happened? How was that so fast and easy? After 6 years of dealing with the CA DMV, this was heaven.

James N. in Mountlake Terrace, WA

5.0 star rating

Been here for several vehicles all on Saturday. I never have to wait in line more than 10 minutes, sometimes it's just 5 minutes. They have the best staff here, extremely nice people. This is different than any DMV or other government organization I've dealt with, they are very very nice & helpful!!!

I've always gotten my paperwork through quick for transferring titles.

It's worth the trip, I'll never go to another title place. I think they made it a point to have top notch staff here, everyone is nice & intelligent, unlike most government employees I've dealt with.

J M. in Seattle, WA

5.0 star rating

I cannot recommend this agency enough!! The ladies here are extremely helpful, patient and just nice!! I've used them twice in the purchasing of a used vehicle and I am very impressed. As another reviewer indicated, it's almost a culture shock as you typically don't experience this level of service at DOL offices. I've just completed a transaction yesterday and had to stop in and write a review. This is the licensing office to use!!

Emily G. in Seattle, WA

5.0 star rating

I have been using this office for about 7 years on and off. The staff here us always helpful and thorough. Today was no exception. With a very full lobby at 2:10 pm (end of the month, boat reg due and everyone getting settled before the bug holiday weekend), the three staff behind the counter were unfailingly polite and calm. They even offered quick pickups for people who had renewed tabs online. I am a fan of skipping the auto administrative stuff in person, but will gladly recommend this place when it must be done.

Nathan M. in Berkeley, CA

5.0 star rating

Excellent service. Superior to standard publicly run DOL offices.

I came to register my vehicle from another state and they were professional and even slightly nice with me! The wait was also brief, probably about 5 minutes on average the times I've been here. I also got the distinct feeling that they wanted my business, which can't be said for the workers at the DOL driver's license office downtown. Those DOL people were borderline condescending and the location was understaffed, like every DMV type office I've ever been to.

I am curious if other state-owned services can be released for competition as well. There are 8 privately owned vehicle licensing offices in the City of Seattle, all competing for my business. Therein lies the incentive for their workers to treat me like they need me, rather than me needing them. I don't want government to be privatized, but releasing some simple services like licensing to licensed private vendors is a good idea that makes people's lives easier.

Diana K. in Atlanta, GA

5.0 star rating

So friendly and helpful!! I had to go to this office twice in order to transfer my plates from Georgia to Washington (my fault - I didn't have the original title I needed from the leasing company). Both times, I received help right away (no waiting!) and the woman who helped me was very nice and professional. Thank you! :)

Lisa W. in Portland, OR

5.0 star rating

I have to admit, getting a title transferred to a state with Which means I was not the perkiest customer when I went into University License. But I am glad that I can admit when I am wrong. It was SO EASY. They made everything an absolute breeze. I when in one day, they cheerfully told me what I needed, and the next day I went back and they took care of it in less than 5 minutes - including being the 3rd person in line. Honestly, these people should run the DMV, because they are awesome.

MaiLinh N. in Seattle, WA

5.0 star rating

Saw these folks twice while registering my car after moving from out of state. They were very helpful and nice people! I had very little wait-time the hour I went (mid-day) and really have no complaints!

Justin Y. in Wallingford, Seattle, WA

5.0 star rating

If you've been to a California DMV, then you will understand exactly why I am giving this place 5 stars. The lines are much shorter, the staff is much friendlier (not super friendly, but very willing to help you out), and you can get processed probably 2-3x faster than at a typical DMV.

It's not a nightmare going here, you don't really need an appointment in advance, and they'll take care of you as long as you know what you need.

Junko S. in Seattle, WA

5.0 star rating

Need to license a car, truck, or boat? Or renew that expiring license? You can do a lot online, but if you want an in-person transaction, come here. This place is super easy to find - just look for a large sign on 56th while traveling south on Roosevelt. They have a parking lot, the people working are always friendly, and I've never had to wait in line (but perhaps I'm just lucky...)!

Miles S. in Seattle, WA

5.0 star rating

these folks are great, had no problem whatsoever getting my NYC vehicle registered and plated here in Seattle. Read some of the rare negative comments, and am fairly sure much of the problems had to do with people not following up and not following instructions correctly.

Blair S. in Seattle, WA

5.0 star rating

I have to say, this isn't the most exciting place to review but the folks here are courteous, efficient and know what they're doing. Did I mention they're COURTEOUS?

When you need to make changes to TItle / Registration or forget to mail in the renewals for your tabs, go here! Easy to find, they have parking and to my surprise, they take debit cards!

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